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Group Sales and Marketing


Do you need help with Group Sales?

We are group managers, dedicated to booking groups, incentive and corporate clients to your venue. We will only represent 1 show/attraction/venue in your category, meaning our services are dedicated to you and you alone.

We have proven to be a valuable asset to Las Vegas area shows and attractions, reaching out to incoming convention and groups and offering your products and services. Our professional newsletters are sent monthly to hundreds of upcoming groups to Las Vegas and results are quick. Our team will find the groups, book them, contract them and provide full payment info to you. In addition, for VIP groups, our staff will meet the group and escort them to your show or venue personally.

As your group managers, we represent you for a nominal monthly fee. There are no additional costs to you. If you would like representation worldwide at international and domestic trade shows, our booth share package helps you get into the top shows at a fraction of the cost.

Your Group Sales and Marketing Specialists are only a phone call away.


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